Various machinery
   Pneumatic manipulator
   Cutting table
   Revision machinery
   Support equipment

Machines Glass is a company that operates in the field of secondary processing of the glass consists of specialists with experience over 40 years. Known around the world for its products always appreciated for technology, simplicity and quality. It offers its products in the following areas:

- Chargers and dischargers for flat and curved glass
- Transport and lifting
- Cutting and supply
- Equipment and maintenance
- Accessories and machinery for laminated monolithic
- Testing Machines quality of glass
- Machinery and equipment on customer request

We are connected with large companies for the structural work, leading manufacturers in the field of lifting too heavy, workshops equipped with the most sophisticated technologies in CNC, office dedicated to software parts, also have technical development drawings with AutoCAD. We provide both new cars used cars serviced and working. We operate on-site or in the privacy azineda, build special machines on demand, providing assistance on transport and assembly. For any problem called Macchinevetro one of our operators will be at your disposal. All of our machines have CE certification.

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